OSGi Configuration Admin command line client

01 maart 2013  |  
2 min leestijd

OSGi Configuration Admin command line client restored

It has been lost for a long time, but i finally restored the Luminis OSGi Config Admin command line client!

I can here you think. “Restored? Lost? What was this guy doing?”

It’s a long story, and I don’t even know all the ugly details myself, but we (Luminis) used to host our open source projects on a separate server, with all that nice Atlassian collaboration tools like Confluence and Jira. It was a hosted environment, so we didn’t have to manage anything. Well, that’s what we thought.

One of my favorite oneliners is: “the fact that the chances are low, doesn’t means it’s never happening”. How true. The server crashed and it turned out there was no backup. Oops, that hurts.

Of course, i’m lazy, so the latest source was still on my laptop. But only the latest. Not a big deal, but I hate losing history. Worse: i never checked-in the documentation, because I’d written it right into Confluence; after all, that’s what a wiki is for, right? You know the feeling when your word processor crashes and makes you lose work: yes, you can recreate it, but you always end up with the nasty feeling that the original version was better written. I hate that too.

It took me a few hours of digging the internet, but finally i found some traces of my docs in Google’s cache; enough to restore it quite easily. The source history is lost forever, but well, what the hack.

I swore this will never happen again, so i made two promises.

One: i’ll never use subversion again. I was already using Git now and then, but I never realized that having the whole repository on each system has more advantages than just speed and being able to work offline.
Two: i’d better keep the documentation with the source.

You can find the source and the renewed docs on bitbucket. All in one git repository. Please clone it, so I’ll have one more backup when something terrible happens.

01 maart 2013  |  
2 min leestijd


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